Distance Learning

COVID-19, an unexpected turn for our entire community

This unprecedented scenario due to its scale and speed has forced us to look for solutions that allow us to continue education through interactive online classes so as not to interrupt teaching, not to risk the health of students or our team of teachers. The International School of Valladolid has deployed distance learning systems in order to minimize educational disruptions and maintain social contact with students.

Our work has consisted of:

Examining the state of preparation and choosing the most relevant instruments
Ensure inclusiveness in distance learning programmes

Protecting privacy and data security

Planning the development of distance learning programmes

Provide students with assistance in using digital tools

Combining the right approaches and measuring the number of applications and platforms

Establish the rules for distance learning and monitor the learning process of the students
Define the duration of distance learning units according to the self-regulatory skills and ages of the learners

Building communities and fostering social ties

For this reason our teaching team has been adapting and developing a response as appropriate as possible to meet the pedagogical challenges of all students at each stage. Our aim is to be able to attend, in a personalized way, to the pedagogical and educational needs of each one. With our efforts and the help given by the families, as well as the proposals received, we have achieved a harmony to work, evaluate each area through home activities, online sessions, along with the digital resources used.



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