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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Our School:

When can I enrol my son/daughter?

Enrolment can be carried out at the start and during the academic year. As a private school we have flexibility when enrolling candidates.

What steps should I take when completing an application?

The first step is to visit our online service via the web page. An appointment can be readily made with our School’s admissions officer Cheryl English, who Will be happy to deal with whatever question or issue you may have.

An online application form can be had in order to facilitate the written process.
Once the confirmation of place has been received, we will then proceed to acquire related educational data in order to complete the registration process.

What are the school’s hours?

The normal school day starts at 9.30am and finishes at 4.30pm for Infant and Primary students. Secondary pupils have a continuous timetable from 8.30 to 3:00pm. Lunch is compulsory for all students

How is bilingual education objective met?

Our central philosophy is based on the natural communicative approach to language acquisition. We teach through the English language medium. From Baby Bears and into Infants our staff uses this language as their medium of communication. 

In Primary over 70% of the subject areas are taught through the English language medium.

The Secondary educational project increases the subject areas to 80% being taught through the English language medium.

What level would the students have under the Common European Framework?

Our students will qualify being externally moderated, reaching B2 or C1.

Is there a dining room service offered?

The Colegio Internacional de Valladolid offers a full weekly and varied menu which guarantees the nutritional qualities of a Mediterranean balanced diet and one which aims to please and meet the expectations of our diners.

Does the school offer extracurricular activities?

We have a varied selection of activities geared towards a wealth of needs and interest. Our experienced staff undertake this valid service both within school hours and also set within an after school medium.

School clubs within school hours start at 13:00h / 16:30h
Other related activities are offered at: de 14:00 a 15:00h and from 16:30 to 17:30h.

What time should I arrive at the school?

We offer an early morning group service from 7.30 am

If arriving by car 9:25am

Please use the parking area opposite the main entrance.

School buses are scheduled to arrive at 9:25am and will depart from the school after 4.30pm

If you would like to use the bus route please contact Secretaría: 983 45 82 67 .

School Calendars indicating public holidays and non-school days

You will be issued with a school calendar before the start of the school year, this is also available on the school platform.

Lines of Communication:

Who should I contact if I have a question related to my child?

The first point of contact should always be your child´s tutor. The tutor is the person who sees your child most and will have the best overview of your child´s progress.

How does the School staff communicate with parents?

Via the school’ platform Clickedu and through Secretaría.

What is Click Edu?

Click Edu is the school´s database and information platform. It allows improved communication between the school and parents and contains a parents portal which allows you to access information about your child´s timetable, attendance, record, grades and assessments.

Please address any questions about Click Edu to the system administrator at the school

Is there a school Ombudsperson should I not agree with a school decision?

Click the link to read the letter

Absence and sickness:

Who should I contact if my child is absent from school due to illness or any other reasons?

Please contact your child's tutor before registration time. Your child will be marked as absent without authorization.

Should I send my child if she/he is feeling unwell?

Do NOT send your child to school if she/he has a fever and is likely to be infectious.

Who do I inform if my child is taking medication?

Please contact the schools Nurse through Secretaría on 983 45 82 67
Any medication must be clearly labelled with your child´s name and with written instructions indicating the exact dose, times and methods of administration. Children must not keep medicines in their bags or lockers unless they have express permission in writing.

Who do I contact if my child has a food allergy?

Please contact the schools Nurse through Secretaría on 983 45 82 67
The school’s chef will be informed, and a special menu prepared for your child.

What will happen if my child has an accident at school?

If you child suffers a serious accident you will be informed immediately. Head injuries of any kind will be reported regardless of severity. Should it be deemed necessary your child will be transferred directly to ---Sagrado Corazón-Felipe II- Paracelso- Hospital Campo Grande; -----hospital/clinic accompanied by the school’s nurse and or a senior member of staff.

Should your child develop a problem after school resulting from a school injury please take them to the same Centre where they will be covered by the School´s Insurance.



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