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Exceptional Learning in the English Language:

The pupils continue to build on the excellent English language skills acquired in Early Years. The school places great emphasis on pupils gaining English. Within all of the school campus, English is used throughout the day by both students and members of staff as a means of communication. Real language is used for real purposes, both in the classrooms and in all of the common areas of the school. 

Our Primary students become very capable of thinking and reasoning in English. They constantly develop their critical thinking and problem-solving skills and acquire the ability to explain ideas and feelings of an increasingly complex nature in English. Furthermore, they demonstrate understanding of a wide variety of texts which are progressively more difficult throughout the years.

Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, English Language, English Literature, ICT, Art and Values are taught in English. Subjects taught in Spanish are Spanish Language, Literature and Religion (optional). From Year 3 students study French.

The Methodology

We give our students the opportunity to learn in a way that is relevant to their everyday lives. Many concepts are taught through a rich tapestry of subjects and skill sets, which consolidate learning through drama, use of modern technology and art and design. Students learn best when they actively participate, and teachers ensure that there is an excellent balance between active and more traditional methods. As a direct result the students soon develop competencies such as being creative and analytical in their approach to learning.

Teachers have high expectations of all the pupils, identifying the pupils’ talents and encouraging them to be the best that they can be, flourishing as individuals both inside and outside of school.

Personalised Learning

Our teaching approach is child centred. The curriculum focuses on the individual and accordingly activities are planned which respond to pupils’ varied learning needs. Pupil progress is constantly monitored continuously. As this assessment is an ongoing process and intrinsic to each lesson it enables the class teachers to plan the next steps required in the pupils’ learning so that they make excellent progress and achieve the highest standards.

IEP Students

Confident communicators

Children learn to communicate with ease in English and Spanish. Students are given many opportunities to develop their speaking abilities, not only in class, but also through participating in class assemblies and school shows. They learn to have confidence in public speaking. Assemblies provide an opportunity to celebrate and strengthen our school and to develop social and cultural values, as well as critical thinking in a global society.

Independent thinkers

Our children, from a very young age, learn to apply their knowledge-based learning, which will serve them for the future. We also give a high priority to developing the core skills that they will use throughout their lives: team work; problem solving; independence; and the value of shared success through collaborative projects.

Socially responsible

Our children develop a sense of community, empathy, respect, tolerance and a sense of fairness. A philosophy of praise, discipline and positive reinforcement lies at the heart of all our teaching. There are well-established systems and rules in place to reward effort, academic achievement and considerate behaviour, as well as addressing inappropriate behaviour. We have a zero-tolerance approach to bullying. Our children learn how to care for the environment.

Ready for the future

By learning through different activities, individually, in pairs or in groups, our children learn to be flexible, adaptable and collaborative. Children receive regular feedback on their learning so that they develop skills and attitudes that they will use across the curriculum and in life: resilience, learning how to learn and openness to new ideas.

Enriched Curriculum

An enrichment programme runs alongside the mainstream curriculum, providing students with many opportunities to participate and acquire different skills as integral part of the timetable.  Each year trips take place to enhance learning within a practical context. Distinctive occasions throughout the year including celebrations such as Christmas, Easter and local festivals provide further opportunity to get involved in in special events. From Year 3 pupils have the opportunity take part in `Forest school’ residential trips within the region of Castilla and Léon. Here the pupils have a chance to apply skills such as cooperation, leadership, resilience and teamwork. International students contribute to increasing multicultural awareness students when Upper Primary host from Park Tudor School, Indianapolis in their homes.




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