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Extracurricular Activities

Extracurricular activities are an integral part of the educational offer of our school.

They are divided in four large blocks.
- Sports
- Artistic and Musical Workshops
- Languages
- Brain Training

Extracurricular activities will begin in October, and we offer a trial period from October 2nd to 9th, in which students can try out different activities free of charge, in order to explore their talents and abilities.
The school reserves the right to modify the activities and timetables according to the needs of the program, as well as to establish a minimum and maximum number per activity.

The activities that are organized for two days per week must be carried out in a complete manner for the benefit of the student and the good development of the activity.
Some activities will participate in the School Games competition of the Municipal Sports Foundation, as specified in the offer. In these cases, the commitment of the families is of vital importance, as failure to appear may result in sanctions for the team.

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Colegio Internacional offers a School Transport service that consists of 4 routes operating from Monday to Friday.

The transport is supplied by "Empresa Cabrero", and in case of a punctual need, the services of other transport companies could be hired.

Once the routes have been designed in accordance with the needs of the users, they are valid from September to June, both inclusive, and neither the route nor the stops will be extended out of respect for the users of the routes.

The cost of school transport is annual, although it is prorated over the 10 months of the school year for the convenience of families.

The routes are designed for the comfort of the user, with a maximum duration of 1 hour under normal traffic conditions, with an average maximum duration of about 45 minutes. During the month of September there are usually traffic problems that can affect the normal fulfilment of the schedules. The situation usually stabilizes from 1st October.

Vehicles can only stop at points authorized by the Municipal Police, mainly Auvasa stops.

If the School Management values the need to modify any route or stop for any justified reason, users will be informed in writing after consulting the transport company. No driver or route monitor is authorized to make changes to the route, stop or timetable.

Pupils are received and attended to by the monitors, who are responsible for the care of the pupils on board, especially the youngest, and for strict compliance with the rules in force for the use of transport by all pupils.

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Lunch Service

Lunch service is provided by Eurest, a Compass Group brand with more than 50 years of experience in the sector, which prepares the menus daily in the school's own facilities.
Eurest shares our values, and is committed to local and seasonal products, as well as to fair trade and energy saving.

Eurest's team of dieticians prepares the menus following the guidelines of the World Health Organization. The menu we offer to our students is nutritionally balanced and encourages healthy eating habits.

Specific diets are prepared for students with special dietary needs. 

From March 1st 2020 we are collaborating with Chef Nacho Paniagua who is presenting a whole new variety of fresh, nutritious and varied menus, very attractive to our students.

We have also carried out improvements and conditioning works in the school’s kitchen with the acquisition of a tilting table and a restaurant convention oven that facilitates the incorporation of new dishes.

Our philosophy is to satisfy both the tastes and the dietary needs of our students.

Early Birds

Colegio Internacional de Valladolid offers an Early Bird Service that helps parents to reconcile their work and family life.

During the time of the early bird service, different recreational activities are carried out, such as games and hobbies and it is also possible to sign up for a music workshop.

The early bird service starts at 8:00am and ends just before the start of the classes. It is run completely by our staff.

The price per month is 40€ (or 4€ per day).

Extended Afternoon Hours

We offer extended afternoon hours service starting at the end of classes, at 16:30 or at the end of the afternoon's extracurricular activities, at 17:30. Ends at18:00 and is run completely by school staff.

The minimum number to guarantee this service is 10 students. Time is used for games, supervised homework and, when time permits, playing outdoors.

The price of this service is 55€ per month (or 5,5€ per day).

Nurse Service

The school has a nurse during the school day. In addition to immediate assistance in the case of those small mishaps that may occur (falls, foreign element in eyes, scratches...) it provides assistance to students with chronic problems, and carries out preventive and health education work.
advice and training for teachers in health matters (such as first aid) is also provided by our nurse. It promotes healthy living habits, as well as guidelines for proper nutrition and hygiene, both personal and environmental.



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