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Welcome to Our School

Letter From the Director

It is a pleasure to welcome you to the Colegio Internacional de Valladolid, a private school offering a unique educational service from Kindergarten to secondary.

Our bilingual educational project is placed within a framework which is sensitive to the learning styles, ages, and cultural diversity of our students. Our learners will now reap the rewards of the both the national and international educational systems.

The collaborative ethos at the school promotes a teaching and working environment, at all levels and ages, which nurtures a dynamic and creative learning pathway for all our students.

The academic linguistic framework is extended beyond the Colegio Internacional de Valladolid´s walls by working collaboratively with other European, Canadian, and American schools. These and other fundamental steps add to the nurturing of our student’s lives, by receiving an education which is culturally sensitive, flexible, to broaden their future choice, and one which will enable them to contribute and stand out amongst their peers.

Eugenio Núñez-Sáenz

School Director

Colegio International de Valladolid | 2021
Avda. El Norte de Castilla 40-42 47008, Valladolid
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